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Press Release: KGB-Projects presents 'RELIGIONIS VIOLENTA'

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opens at London West Bank Gallery on September 7, 2012

London  -  “Those who believe in absurdities end up committing atrocities” [Voltaire, 1694-1778].
KGB-Projects presents Religionis Violenta, a sensational group show with some of the most prevalent artists from the UK and Malta, at the prestigious London West Bank Gallery in West london’s Notting Hill from 7 - 11 September, 2012.

Expect a tantalizing experience that stimulates the senses through vision, sound, smell and touch. The exhibition will be showcasing more than 30 selected artworks focusing on dark humour, irony and obscenity, revealing the artists’ taste for a bittersweet use of blasphemy, a snigger at and caustic provocation.

Religionis Violenta is taken from the Latin meaning for violent religion. The concept of the show initially emerged as a spontaneous reaction to the popular catchphrase ‘Where’s your GOD now?’ and the many conflicts that occur in the name of religion in a historical context.

The relationship between religion and HIV/AIDS is complicated and often controversial, as the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Greek churches are still in serious denial about human sexuality. We therefore decided to donate part of the art sale proceeds to AIDS Ark, a registered charity saving lives by enabling access to HIV medication and associated care at the frontiers of the developing world.

Open Call - KGB-Projects still welcomes applications from artists to submit work, info on how to enter can be found on their website www.kgbprojects.com. Deadline: 23 July 2012 @ 5pm. There will be awards & cash prizes for Best of Show and a Runner-Up, voted on by visitors and announced at the end of the Private View night.

General information:
London West Bank Gallery
133-137 Westbourne Grove
London W11 2RS

Private View: Thursday 06 September from 7pm - 10pm (by invitation only - info@kgbprojects.com)

Open to the public:
07 Sep - 11 Sep, Tuesday to Sunday 11am-7pm
Free admission


For further press information or to request high-resolution images please contact Kane or Gonny at KGB-Projects:

Kane | info@kgbprojects.com | +44 (0)79 1434 5712
Gonny | info@kgbprojects.com | +44 (0)79 5737 2531
KGB-Projects | www.kgbprojects.com | Kane & Gonny’s Biscuit Projects

A catalogue of the Religionis Violenta exhibition will be available in print and in digital format in August 2012, check our website for specific dates nearer the time or email us to order your free copy.

About KGB-Projects: 
Kane & Gonny's Biscuit-Projects is an emerging curatorial & events practice based in London, it was founded in 2012 by international glass artists Kane Cali and Gonny van Hulst. KGB-Projects aspires to explore ways of managing, collaborating and creating projects that go beyond the lines of existing structures and preconceptions.

Its mission is to produce provocative, playful and risk-taking art events centered around wider social and cultural themes for a diverse range of creative individuals. A key focus of their work is to encourage hybrid arts projects with a focus on cross media collaboration and serve as a bridge, finding imaginative ways to connect artists with new audiences, new supporters and new contexts for their work. They feel that an event can become more of a stimulating experience rather than a simple observation and elevation of the mind and should offer the ability to transcend atmosphere that stimulates the senses not only through vision but also through sound, smell and touch. For Kane and Gonny, KGB-Projects remains an experiment, a creative project that they hope is defined by the same kind of adventurousness and unpredictability that they so admire in the creative individuals they work with.

About London West Bank Gallery: 
Centre for the Arts in West London's Notting Hill

To promote local and international artistic talent. To hold the best exhibitions, workshops and events in West London. To do things with a good heart, looking people squarely in the eye, loving what we do and doing what we love.

Company Overview:
Urban Art gallery hosting exhibitions, art workshops, parties, launches, artist studios, fashion and artist supplies.
Stylish 1000m2 space set over 3 floors, run by good people for good people.

General information:
A while ago, Jem and Tommy were running another gallery called Graffik. Unexpected things happened: one door closed, and another opened! Suddenly they found themselves being helped by good people and looking at the most amazing venue they could have possibly found in West London. Then comes in Urban in Ibiza creator Paul Saunders, AKA "Dizzi" and BANG!
The plan is still the same; we're just going to do it better, in a better place, with positivity and fun as always!

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