Tuesday, 26 February 2013

If only tongues were made of glass...

This is about a new piece I am working on at the moment, as a glass artist this quote is an inspiring subject...

From the book "A Poem Is Nothing" by Shaun Shane and is copyright protected and owned by On Press Inc.

The mouth is a powerful tool - Words we speak are weapons  cheap  sharp  loving  despairing  fun  unnecessary  powerful  bullets  not-enough  stressful  empty  depressing  supportive  caring hurting  reassuring  suffering  calming  damaging  cheering  calming  troubling  mischievous  jeopardising  optimistic  sabotaging  sorrowing  wicked  teasing  harming  painful  offending  troublesome  bitter  upsetting  happy  narrow-minded  unfair  biased  spiteful  inspirational  intolerant  neutral  unjust  indifferent  objective  interesting  detached  hopeless  devastating  encouraging  pessimistic positive

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